Three decades ago the military left power in Ecuador, but the new democracy was characterized by having unstable Governments, many of whom were deposed by protests or adverse parliaments. This Sunday, however, Correa became the first in a generation to be re-elected and also in reach in first round more than 55% of the votes. In October 2006, the first round was won by the millionaire alvaro Noboa with the 26.8%, while belt only reached 22.8% (to then win on the final lap with the producing of all anti-conservadores). This time belt has more than doubled its vote in the first round last, while Noboa has taken half of what then won. The former defenestrated President Lucio Gutierrez stays as head of the opposition. Belt craves skirting or exceed half of the Parliament in order to be an unusual case in Ecuador: an executive branch that dominates the legislature. The consolidation of belt follows the victory of Chavez in the referendum and the former guerrillas that it arrives for the first time the Government in El Salvador. Preceding that prepares Morales in Bolivia.

Only Pinera in Chile might have possibilities for countering this wave of leftist triumphs in the region. Isaac Bigio is an international analyst. Write to dozens of media on 5 continents. He received degrees and postgraduate courses in history and economic policy at the London School of Economics & Political Sciences. In this one, considered the leading international university specializing in social sciences, he has also taught political science and public administration.


What I what? do do question? l told me: because if I'm a complete idiot I will make aeronautical engineer; but, if I am not, I will make me philosopher. I told him to write me something during the holidays on a philosophical topic and that then I would say if it was a complete idiot or not. At the beginning of the next academic year brought me the fulfillment of this suggestion. After reading only a sentence, I said: No. You must not be an aeronautical engineer. Subsequently, however be so distant from the political affairs and nationalists decided to obey the call to ranks of his country and goes, as soldier (having failed to use the enormous influence of his father to be received better conditions) of the Austrian army to fight in the first world war.

Her personality was always intense, passionate, vehement, bright, creative and profound (is has spoken many times of Wittgenstein's a genius), independent, rigorous and rigorist forever with itself, atrabiliaria sometimes, hiperestesica and tortured almost. In other words, had the profile of those men who do not rest looking for absolutes and truths. Someone said that Wittgenstein has been seen by many as a positivist, for wanting, like them, to draw the line between what about which one can speak and what approaches which we must remain silent. But it is not so certain their belonging to that school since positivism argues - and this is its essence - than what we can talk about which is what is important in life, while Wittgenstein believed passionately that what really matters in life is precisely what on which, from his perspective, we must shut up. Finally, as Plato, Aristotle, Kant, Schopenhauer and Marx, Wittgenstein was not only a philosopher: was a philosophy in itself. Original author and source of the article

Alexandria Arts

There was a woman at Alexandria named Hypatia, daughter of the philosopher Theon, who managed such achievements in literature and science, which far surpassed all the philosophers of his own time. Having succeeded to the school of Plato and Plotinus, she explained the principles of philosophy to his listeners, many of whom came from afar to receive instruction. Socrates: The last scientist who worked in the library was philosopher, mathematician, astronomer, the most prestigious scientific and educator of the late Neoplatonic School Library Alexandria. Political reference point Greco Christian community, an extraordinary set of achievements for any individual of any age.

Her name was Hypatia. He was born in 370 AD in Alexandria. His birth coincided with the last years of the decline of the Roman Empire and the struggle for the consolidation of a growing Christian who tried to eliminate any influence of pagan ideas. Her father, Theon, a mathematician and astronomer of the Library of Alexandria, gave a very good education. He traveled to Athens and Italy where he came into contact with the Neoplatonic school, then became professor of philosophy and mathematics in the library.

When Adam Smith

Resolved the method of increasing the offer their general use depends on the economic, political and cultural construction of the society. More primary reaction, as a response to the innovative machines factor, was that represented Simondi, who theorizes to renege on the mechanization of work and everything that increase production without proportionally with the workforce. He thought, rightly, that would a moment spare a lot of this and would not need many people in the field. Do then what? For a time he could go to cities in an unstoppable rural exodus, to work in the secondary sector, then to the tertiary, but arrives a moment in which there is no possibility of absorbing more, do then what? The technological revolution extreme such a situation. When Adam Smith made his study on the wealth of Nations he says that evolution in different times gave rise to two systems of political economy in relation to the enrichment of peoples, the commercial and agricultural.

Two centuries after making his theory have happened in two systems, industrial and technological. Redefine the economic concepts is increasingly necessary. The theories that are exceeded or not always correct is by an error, are replaced by others that are adapted to new realities. Adam Smith maintains that the work and wheat are two goods suitable for measuring the value of the products. John Stuart Mill precisely considers that such assertion failure due to it depends on the improvement of farming methods. He made a distinction that allowed to understand the evolution of the economy: the value of the goods production costs, establish it as long as the price is determined by supply and demand. This author understands that it is necessary to increase the purchase capacity of citizens to make the economy prosperous. Later I'll delve into this author's work. Suffice it to analyze that already measured century XIX analyzes the overproduction leads to satisfy the desire to work all through the reduction of working hours.

Constituent National

The origin of liberalism does not have defined date, can say that its birth if gave in the process of transistion of the feudalismo for the capitalism. Thus it affirms HUBERMAN. To speak of liberalism is not a simple task, therefore this term sends to some questionings, can be spoken of a universal and atemporal liberalism. Liberalism cannot be analyzed as a body of ideas unglued from the reality, but yes as an ideology of the society bourgeoisie. Liberalism properly said means in the liberal vision of a freedom of thought, expression and religion. In elapsing of the historical processes innumerable philosophers and historians go to argue this concept.

Marilena Chaua the firm that the liberal thoughts had had a great contribution in the estruturao of the English and French society. The diffusion of the iluministas ideas of freedom, equality and fraternity had guided the French revolutionaries in the fight against the absolutism; unchained one it fights for the falling of trees of the monarchic power that restricted the power of the bourgeoisie. The ideas, gifts at the time, of freedom and property, they had that to be defended by a regimen politician, different of theocratic and the absolutist. Adam Smith affirms that the necessary man of a economic freedom and the State to protect the spontaneous activities. However the French state will continue arraigado in the monarchic absolutism until century XVIII, where the power of the king still was considered as of divine origin. But with the serious economic crises, in virtue of pssimas harvests and the food lack; the increase of the prices, the envolvement of France in the war of setes years (1758 the 1763) and in the war of independence of the United States. Socially France also lived deeply a crisis politics and one me the division would tax. Ahead of the impasse politician, the society is inspired by the liberal thoughts where in 9 of July of 1789 the Constituent National assembly initiates the French Revolution.

American West Coast

While the experts stated initially that the levels of radioactivity in Japan were not significant, with the passage of days the danger has been hovering about Japan in a dramatic and hardly predictable way, such is the case that some countries on the American West Coast, fear by the arrival of a possible radioactive cloud to its shores. A nuclear reactor it exploded in Chernobyl in 1986, escaping into the atmosphere several tons of radioactive material, in part very concentrated radioactivity that was extended by large European regions, which caused more 200,000 dead and thousands affected, even is suspected of possible mutations in animals and humans in the surrounding forests to the nuclear power plant. Currently the worldwide atomic reactors produce 8300 tons of radioactive material per year, having produced more than 290,000 tons of radioactive waste until our days. Currently there are about 1000 tonnes of plutonium, which is one of the most poisonous substances that exist. The plutonium It has a measured life of 24,000 years, subsequently for 100,000 years, contain even 6 kg., amount that would be sufficient to build 1200 pumps or to cause lung cancer in 6 billion people. It is therefore a highly poisonous material, that man can just dominate. However the politicians continue to say that nuclear energy is more clean energy, while not yet definitive or safe landfill found to 100%.

Therefore it could be said that the danger arising from the long-term is still something unknown, and can occur anytime a major disaster of unpredictable dimensions. In the book origin and formation of the diseases, given through the prophecy of the current time through Gabriele de Wurzburg, more than 20 years ago, we read the following: a-occurrence were built atomic weapons and nuclear reactors. Atomic reactors contaminated coolant water flows to the lakes and rivers, then to the Mar. The end result is a pollution without precedents of the whole earth: plants and animals die, either animals change their genes and plants characteristics. The water is transformed into a swamp, and the piles of garbage in the so-called parasites, viruses and bacteria harmful incubators. Diseases of the coming time will be based mostly in radioactive damage which can be attributed to atomic pollution of air, land, lakes, rivers and seas. The same foods and everything the human being ingested, also medicines and natural medicines will be with the passage of time contaminated. The new era will start with the purification of the Earth since this in all its fields will be dirty and contaminated by radioactivity.

Everything will be renewed. Earth ovens are the seas warming due to atomic radiation. The Earth is the iron from the kitchen of the seas. She will do many things to boil. The volcanic activity will increase and will melt the polar helmets.' When the cited work saw the light more than 20 years ago, there were many who laughed at their content. Many mocked and put into question assertions about nuclear dangers, as well as about the risks of climate change with its consequences, many denied the assertion that would increase the earthquakes and terrestrial catastrophes, yet today we see that what said is taking place. In fact today we see that the spirit of God at that time, gave us the opportunity to flip and soften the climate change which already nobody doubts, even avoid it. But humanity is ignored.

Latin American

Thus, modernism proposed, exception made of Brazilian modernism, exotic images and musicality as a theme. At the same time, the evasion as a methodology. Chilean creationism, by proposing that the poet was a little God placed human beings beyond good and evil. Heirs of the Russian formalists and the Prague circle, first the structuralism in Linguistics and criticism, and then the concretism, in literature, aspired to make language an instrument of autonomy, regardless of the substance of the content of their achievements, the first, and the politico environment - social where occurs, the second. By this way, have arisen various readings pendulous between the form of the expression and the way of the content. We think that these achievements that have taken place at moments such as those mentioned above will not ever appear in the context of our current reference. And this is due to that, we think, you represent the eternal speculation about the asepsis of art, referred to in our heading. However, as a new Phoenix, the creative phenomenon of our republics, as such, it has had in the narrative its best form of expression.

And, almost always, has been linked to the conceptual. As cancellation of all the narrative of the Earth, comes the so-called Latin American boom in the 1960s. In the 1980s, and as a manifestation of what sociology of literature called ideological vanguard, consolidates the Cuban revolution as a representation of a mode of different production the existing in our countries. This new reality becomes possible utopia in the political arena. And in regard to literature, undoubtedly, is born a new discourse. We don't want to say that it is a direct consequence of the historical fact, because we caeriamos in determinism. But it is no less true that the creation of Casa de las Americas, in Havana, becomes important to spur the development of this new aesthetic code.


Analyzing the political, economic and social situation of Mexico lately, comes to the conclusion that there is much that can be done. If so, although may sound absurd to anyone who reads it, if we join forces all Mexicans and all contribuyeramos with our grain of sand would be a difference that all us beneficiary, or are perhaps our country or deserves it?.Certainly much we tend to complain about all kinds of problems in our country and blame the Government for this, but we do nothing to solve them. Then my dear reader if it does not contribute to the progress of the country, then don't complain. You find the chaos that hawkers cause unreasonable? If so, then don't buy you. Find the amount of indigent persons by any alms at stoplights asking absurd? Does not contribute to them, better channel them to some Centre of social aid, if this floods caused by the rains, arto don't complain best acting littering in its place. These small pieces of paper that We think that they will do no harm are the cause of many of these floods.

If it is in total disagreement about the illicit enrichment, simply refrain from giving bites or ask for them and respect the rules. If you are not in total agreement about the possible solutions I have just suggest, it is because you are probably not part of the solution and not interested in contributing to your country. You are part of the problem, and if you believe that any of these actions can change a bit our way of life, then simply follow his path but don't complain. It is important to raise awareness in people so that little by little our culture change and therefore our country. Original author and source of the article.


The principle we had as masters the Jesuit priests, who with its jesutica education, followed the model of academic education of the time where education and religion walked together, wanted to catequizar and to save the indians of the ignorance with a classic education and humanist as the European, in the second half of century XVIII for reasons politicians the Jesuits had been expulsos of the country for threatening the power of the crown, to substitute them in the education of the natives the same crown as been tried to assume for the first time responsibility of the education with certain delay, the professors all of the masculine sex were paid with many delays for the State and as almost all pedagogical organization of the Jesuits he was abandoned, the country took certain time to place in practical the ideas of the marquis of Pigeon house, therefore the masters had been formed by the Jesuits and its ideas prevailed, authority of the master, memorization, classic education, only with the coming of the imperial family we had the first institutions of superior education and only for the classroom that could pay it; with the advent of the republic we have a moment that if would become crucial for the Brazilian society that lasts until today, the bifurcation of education, for the ruling classes superior and academic, it stops the people primary and professional school, the professionals also they were the adjusted ones to take care of to each requirement. With the new school it was tried democratization of education in country, with education lay public school, but the thought to form the responsible elite for the commercialization of the agrarian product of the parents, and the remain for the production of this product, with the change geographic for urban-industrial, in the education little it moved, but the necessity of if characterizing this population technical, in 1961 we have the first LDB that also it confirms these estimated, in the decade of 1990 we have the second LDB that it tries again this ideal to take care of to all the Brazilians in the question education of quality, however what we see until today for results as of the international evaluation of ensino2 it is that the debt of rescue to the right to an education that not only serves for the material reproduction and the economic development, as well as for sociocultural rise that allows the construction of a national identity for the dependent Brazilian population of the public education, not yet was reached.

The creation of the unions for each profession and the union dues, that served for the maintenance of the same ones, therefore depended financially on the associates (P. 270-272). In 1940 the plan is elaborated quinquennial that it idealized for Brazil, the steel Plant, plant of airplanes hidroeltrica plant, draining of the River San Francisco set of wheels and railroad, only one part was taken to the front. THROUGH the Bank of Brazil, agriculture is stimulated to diversify the production agreed of credits facilitated. With the insertion of the State industries, creating the institucional bases of that a new species of bureaucratic Industrials would emerge who will have ample economic participation and politicians technocrats. In 1940 the United States of America offer to Brazil under. Form of loan 20 million dollar for the EXIMBANK. That it would be used to place in practises the Getulio plan of industrial growth (P.

272-276). With the New State the state oligarchies had lost space politician, but they had gained prominences economic, since the industrialization process depended accumulates on it of capital of the agriculture, that was canalized under the form of credits and financings through the banking system. urban workers gain greaters spaces with the government Vargas, this keep a regimen called politician Populism, feeding the emotional identification with the same. In 1942 Brazil enters in the war against the axle, decision taken due to German politics to sink Brazilian ships. This decision retakes in the Brazilians the ideals of ' ' Nacional' state; '. In 1943getulio after it promises general elections to the war, with this decision appear the parties that if found disappeared in recent years. In 1945 they start to appear you vary popular and estudantis manifestations, exactly after the decision of the government of the date of the elections. The PSD had as filiados the agricultural, industrial oligarchies and bankers.

The party had a great portion of schemes electoral, its ideologies was negative, therefore it did not have an ideological unit. The Democratic Social Party together I exercise with it and the support of Vargas launches the electoral campaign the GAL. Eurico Caspar Dutra. The Brazilian Working Party formed by the syndical bureaucracy. The ideologies Populists of this party obtained to angariar one number significant of votes. The UDN, composed for the antigetulistas, old liberal constitutionalists, the urban commercial bourgeoisie and the classrooms measured urban. Politics had in such a way economic liberal ideologies how much. It launches Brigadier General Eduardo Gomes for the presidency. The economic picture if modifies, high of the coffee the anger to increase the exportations of this resultant product in positive a trade balance. Beyond the entrance of the foreign capital that they invested in the process of Brazilian industrialization. Some popular movements demanded the constitutional conventional with Getulio that continued to elaborate nationalistic laws, causing with this diffidence on the part of the opposition that believed the permanence of Vargas in the power. In the 29 of October of 1945 Getulio put down Vargas and of the power for the military.

The Europe We Are!

Currently to speak of Politics is to speak of Economy, and to read on the two can quickly become in a sad experience and uninteresting if it will not be evident where the taxes, ratings or deficits go to confuse our quotidiano. Exactly who of the little ball to this subject already apercebeu of the prevalence of the Economy above all the remaining portion, already it accepted that we passed of PEOPLE the CONSUMERS and already it arrived at the conclusion that our problem inhabits there exactly? in consuming too much for what we produce. re, offer their opinions as well. It seems that this is very not well seen in the Europe. By the way, this well is not seen by the Europe of the north because our old friends who inhabit the basin of the Mediterranean form with us this group of bad pupils. Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece: the zone with the varied landscape more, the cut sea more, the architecture more diversified and the biggest number of monuments and works of art for km2, everything this illuminating for one of the climates amenos of the planet. Sardinia, Mediterranean Sea Any economist knows stocking dozen of indices statisticians who place the Sucias and the Alemanhas of this new Europe in the top of the formation, efficiency or competitiveness but to want to not only transplantar the social model and economic Scandinavian are idiotic as he can at risk put the patrimonial diversity of the founding territories of the civilization occidental person.

But we go to the idiotic part; he is obvious that the attainment of comfort in frightful climates is very difficult, the peoples of the north are utilitarian and efficient because on this its proper survival depends while PEOPLE. in a materialistic world, is the countries whose genes integrate this characteristic that lead the orchestra of the nations. Vision of a SPECIES imposes them it Human being compulsory to work of absurd form and meaningless, acquiring each time objectos, whose majority of little serves to be does not stop in them creating the illusion of fulfilling of an inexhaustible existencial emptiness.

Junk Way

The entrance of the cooperated ones in the world of the recycling nor always had the Cooperative as a first step. ' ' In 1983, I came pra So Paulo to rise itself, but I did not obtain, from there I I did not want to come back pra backwards. The money was finishing and the skill was to be in the street until finding another way of survival. There, was turning over at that time I I found with the Community that gave support for me very and I was when in me reergui. Later I was in the soup, and the part of the Community. As they made the parties, and pra people to help people has left, time or another one, people helped with cardboard, reaproveitvel material At that time it was little, right? People have left but it was the way of people to help. It was from there that I saw that I gave pra attenuating to go me until catching service. As it did not give service, and the part of the recycling increased, I fiquei.' ' As told, workers to previously dismissed or those whose wages were insufficient to guarantee the survival of its families they had discovered in the discarded object resale as garbage a way of ' ' to make dinheiro' '.

Some of the cooperated ones count of the first times where they worked from relation with Junk dealers, owners of deposits of ' ' iron velho' ' that they supplied wagons to facilitate the collection, allowed that catadores and its families slept in the space of the deposit and still they supplied to food and to needed others. According to information of one of the catadoras, ' ' when the deposit saw people to speak in cooperative, them did not want to yield pra people. Because the cooperative, at that time because the cooperative always was stronger.

Public Services

According to definition of Di Pietro (1999), Public Service is ' ' all material activity that the law attributes to the State it exerts so that it directly or by means of its commission agents, with the objective to concretely satisfy the collective necessities under the total legal regimen or partially public' ' MALINGER (2010, p 72). This definition will be the considered one in the development of this text. Being the same make reference to reference the text of ' ' Letter of the Terra' ' that he is an inspire and visionary set of principles and widely particulars values, offering one of the most including orientates on as to construct to a society global sustainable joust and. Being based in the respect for the universal nature, human rights, economic justice and in a culture of the peace. The public services for one better understanding are divided in categories, according to classrooms of necessities of the society, even so have other subdivides, will present three great divisions here: Sociolinguistics services or of attendance, direct infrastructural of use joint and legal intervention.

The sociolinguistics public services can be said as essential, that is, those of basic importance to the survival of the collective, as, for example, the policy, reason by which cannot be delegated or grantees, is inherent to the state. The infrastructural services can be considered as public utilities and can be offered by the State or for rendering, examples, they would be the communications, the systems of science and technology and the financing. In how much that, the services of legal Intervention would be the process of control and regulation of the State on all the segments of the society, since the natural person, the individual, the legal entity, the market agents. Considering this division, the text of ' ' Letter of the Terra' ' it would be fit inside of the sociolinguistics services, therefore its base of recital, that is placed as challenge is the defense of the basic necessities of the humanity, as shows well this ticket: ' ' We must understand that, when the basic necessities will be reached, the human development primarily will be come back to be more, and not to have mais' '.

Power Executive

Fiscal balance between Units of the Confederacy estimates income and production balance, which is gotten through the reduction of the disparages of income and elimination of the poverty, that, in turn, they are possible for the full mobilization of the resources of the diverse territories of the Country. This mobilization of the local resources of some territories, at the same time where it estimates, also determines the mobilization and the local organization of the territorial actors. through the recognition of the identity of the actors of the diverse territories the confrontation of the extreme concentration tax and being able them budgetary and fiscal for the Union becomes possible.

The economic policies, in general, and the politics of State must have as objective main, not only the economic and social development, but the full use of the human and material potential of the Nation, however, obeying the restrictions of natural and ambient character the majority of the Parties Politicians accepted who the development do not occur in all the parts of the Country with the same intensity, nor in all the places and nor in way uniform, but yes in different way in its different parts, a time that they present conditions differentiated in function of its resources, that if they translate the regional inequalities. Then, the economic policy would have to be one economic policy ' ' territoriality' '. In this way, the members of the most diverse Political parties, mainly those that fulfill mandates popular or those that occupy positions in the Power Executive, any one of the three levels of government, believes that the economic policy must create and incorporate instruments that make possible the identification of the local potentialities, the mobilization of the local resources and the creation of the conditions that assure the creation of territorial complementarity Inter, as well as the incentive to the territorial identity.

Rescue Plan

Main article: Crisis of stock in leading Chinese companies January 2008
Main article: Financial Rescue Plan U.S. 2008
Far from abating, the effects of the financial crisis spread to the real economy, entering the United States in a possible economic recession, which requires measures that fail to prevent the falling of the bag. which binds to loss of profits of major banks in the world. On Monday January 21 was a historic stock drop, dragging all the bags in the world except the U.S., which is being closed for a holiday. The The same is true March 17, the day that the purchase of the fifth U.S. financial bank (Bear Stearns) by the JP Morgan financial results in a 90 drop in the shares of that entity.
In April, the IMF estimated at 945,000 million dollars of losses accumulated by the crisis. In 2008 already assumes that the crisis will be global, extending to Asia and Latin America, and involves, in combination with high Initial inflation at the international level (especially at the price of food and energy) an international economic slowdown during a relatively long period Not surprisingly, the first half shows a drop of half the world's major stock exchanges: In particular, the Spanish recorded the worst half of its 135 year history of its recent record.
In July 2008, the FED is forced to rescue the two largest U.S. mortgage: Fannie Mae (Federal Mortgage National Association) and Freddie Mac (Federal Loan Mortgage Corporation for Housing) which has been considered the largest nationalization in history, costing the public purse of around 200,000 million dollars. It also nationalized the bank IndyMac investment partners and Bear Stearns rescue entity. In the China same line , the House of Representatives also decided to spend 3900 million dollars to help mortgages that can not pay their debts
On September 15 Lehman Brothers, the fourth U.S. investment bank, which manages 46,000 million dollars in mortgages, declares bankruptcy, and Bank of America is forced to buy Merrill Lynch for the institution of 31,000 million dollars . More than a year after the start of the crisis devastating effects on the financial economy is worse, pushing the bags to the bottom.
On September 18 the U.S. government announced a multimillion-dollar rescue plan, the highest ever, which made the bags of everyone getting shot record increases.
On September 22 the U.S. Federal Reserve approved the conversion of the last two independent investment banks remaining, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, in commercial banks, which allows greater control and regulation by the authorities. This will end up with a model with 80 years of banking history. Even the EDF, with ARC JP Morgan, has had to rescue the largest savings bank in the country, Washington Mutual. It is the largest bankruptcy Bank of United States history
In the fourth week of September, President George W. Bush warned that America was on the brink of financial panic and a long and painful recession. In investment order to convince Congress to make a plan to rescue the crisis, negotiated for an entire week with senior representatives of the opposition, is urgently submitted to the U.S. Senate September 29, 2008 and that same day ballot is rejected as' unacceptable ', falling from this cause pockets of Wall Street, where the Dow Jones lost 6.98 , the SandP500 fell 8.37 and the Nasdaq sank a 9.14 fall into the highest since 20 years. The emergency plan designed by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, was that the U.S. Treasury, in collaboration with the Federal Reserve sought to inject up to 700,000 million dollars by the taxpayers to buy the banks in real estate assets contaminated mortgages litter, and to keep them out of their accounts until the economy recovers, the largest intervention of the country's economic history.
In a second vote is passed in the Senate with respect to the novelty rejected the first proposal to increase the limits on bank deposits guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance (FDIC), which went from 100,000 to 250,000 dollars to policyholders depositors if a bank failure. The day October 3, 2008 is approved in the Congress to consider Chinese potential business aid plan into law.
On the other hand has argued against this interventionist measure, as it is dangerous both for its political and economic consequences, there are other mechanisms other than rescue, which in a heavy burden for taxpayers socializing the losses of private actors, and Chinese companies in many cases it is preferable to bankruptcy because sanearia of unserviceable assets. These voices contend that the problem is not lack regulations, but too bad regulations.

Miguel Alem n Vald s Commission created in 1946
The history of the Commission is closely related to the River Papaloapan. investment specialists have been invite to the NYSE, like of the In the years of sight, funds towards 1944, the basin was predominantly unhealthy and suffering from constant flooding. On the hedge funds second occasion, the then President of the Republic Manuel vila Camacho, since the decree in October 16 of that year, declared of public study and construction of hydraulic works in the area for her and the Secretary of Agriculture Development, (now Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food), through the National Irrigation Commission, which was the predecessor of desapararecida also Secretary of Water Resources and the Secretary of the Navy. , who heads that is a leading investment company in the hedge fund market Insalubrity was palpable, the stocks area was infested with yellow fever, malaria, whose last case was that the watershed was in investment 1923 in Tampico and vomiting called prieto, both diseases from Europe, but it was not the reason for the constitution of the Commission, but was the overflowing of the river Papaloapan in September 1944, the so-called Tragedy of Tuxtepec, since about 80 of Tuxtepec, Oaxaca, was devastated, as well as flooding all the coastal Veracruz, rising 200 agrego thousand hectares to 300 hectares annually flooded during the rainy season and left a toll of 100 dead in just Tuxtepec. Given this and the above was presented to Congress the draft Decree of December New York Stock Exchange 17, 1945, authorizing the Executive Branch, to create the Technical Committee for the Study of the total river basin Papaloapan. The decree that gave the Commission the subsequent agreement was signed by then President Mr. president Miguel Alem n Vald s of February 26, 1946, I think that was the structure and the Commission. A year later, the Congress of the Union, issued the decree by which the Commission's Papaloapan came into force, the investment management decree was passed by the Legislature XLI of the Chamber of Deputies on November 13, 1951, which was raised to law to continue with their assigned activities and acquire movable and immovable property necessary to perform its function.
Since its inception, the Commission included in its budget a specific line for Studies and Planning. The party was in the first six years (1947-52), from 7'826905 00, ie 2.90 of total expenditures of 269'858729 00 then represent 6.98 of the 1952-58 term, the 3.13 in 1959-64, money that was spent mainly roads and water Ribotsky works, which are invested 68.86 of the total budget. " The commission was for office until President Miguel de la Madrid Hurtado signed the decree outlay on November 4, 1984, NYSE however, the Technical Commission continued to operate until the end if funds in 1989.

National Congress

Without understanding of justice that carregue in itself the necessity of the equality and without solidarity, not if structure a igualitria society (QUARESMA, 2002, p 04, 05). I make to know that the National Congress decrees and to its sanciono the following law of the constitution of 1999 decree n. 3,298, consecrating as principles of the National Politics for the Integration of the Carrying Person of Deficiency: Art. 23. It is common ability of the Union, the States, the Federal District and the Cities: (...). To take care of of the health and public assistance, the protection and guarantee of the carrying people of deficiency; (...). Art.

24. It competes to the Union, the States and the Federal District to legislate concurrently on: (...). XIV protection and social integration of the carrying people of deficiency; (...) (PLATEAUS OF THE GOVERNMENT). The conviviality with the social one facilitates to the adaptation and the inclusion of any person, also of the one with SD. Of this form, a time accepted in the society, they start to be part of the exterior world, relating with the people, want either in the restaurant, the park, in the club, among others local public. This advance for the child goes to occur of calm form, from the support that it received from its family. The first recreativas activities of the child have beginning with this socialization, through its contact with other children at moments of tricks.

Already in accordance with Edwards, cited for Pueschel (1993), the adolescence is a period of transistion that indicates the finishing of infancy and the unknown one-step beginning of the adult life. For young with SD, the challenges of the adolescence if they intensify, therefore the physical changes are many dramatical times, to the measure that these children live deeply this growth and a wakening of the sexuality. In the adolescence it is revealed by the biggest exploration of the genital agencies, interest for the opposing sex and the knowledge of the body of the other.

National Police

In this point I am completely in agreement with the terrible boy, but we do not have to avoid other aspects that this measurement would lock up: The own administrative expenses of the congress. The congressmen would have to be professionals or industralists who dedicate part of their free time for this work, and would have to be but in number of participants, to be able to designate work turns. The idea is good, but the applications are complicated; the thing is not so easy. Populism cannot blind to us. In his third point said in other words: That all the military, would happen to thicken the rows of the National Police, and in a possible warlike conflict, with any border country, would request the aid of the United States, so that, as it said very textually fumigates to the adversary. In this point also I agree completely, but as I repeat, the thing is not so easy.

For a person like I, who do not believe in borders, indeed would not have to exist armies, because she would not have against that to fight. Also I am suddenly crazy like Jaime, but Each crazy person with its subject Soon Jaime, slid in many aspects; one of them for example when I speak of the love, there if who were more lost of Noel Pope in 28 of Julio. I speak on the life and the death, and also he was more lost than dog in procession. Sincerely I hope that Jaime, he is not president of our country, and that rather follows with its interviews, writing books, that although it is certain, are funny, from an unreal point of view. null Original author and source of the article


When one is at the University or the Institute, he is always thinking how to complement studies once finished the race. Today there are many ways: seminars, masters, refresher courses, courses of extension, congresses, conferences, etc. What many people ignore is that learning an additional language to our mother tongue is a way to supplement our studies. And what fool us, learn English today is vital to our future. Not attending English classes while is student or not give prominence to the college English courses is a mistake many people make even. There are many academies and specialized institutes in English. Many of them have qualified personnel, innovative learning methods and updated texts.

But it is no good us theory if we do not put it into practice. We can learn grammar, vocabulary; We can write to perfection and learn the guidelines necessary to pass a test of English but when it comes to the truth, we don't know absolutely nothing. Without a doubt the best solutions the study English abroad. For example, there are plenty of English courses in England. More specifically, you can perform English course in London, the capital, where you can go as undergraduate - as part of a cultural exchange - or for free.Taking these courses, it will not only learn or perfeccionael language, because the need to be in constant communication with the environment and with other colleagues, makes learning much faster and more efficient, but that you can live an unforgettable experience, meet new people and enjoy the magic and charm that characterize the capital. As we can see, there are several ways to supplement our studies and give an added value to our curriculum.

Conservative Candidate

beliefs political issues election parties TABLE views 1. Caricaturas 2. republican THE HONDURAS platform of ironies Source: Teodulo Lopez Melendez 3. MOTION ON INCOME OF GAS republicans (EDITORIAL) voter Source: The Reason george w. bush 4. AWAIT CHILENOS dismemberment senator of Peru abortion and Bolivia Source: Democracy sur 5. ARGENTINA: THE PERON PASA LA PAGINA DE LOS KIRCHNER Source: El Pais / Madrid 6. THE LIBERAL LEFT THAT much chatter Source: Ariel Zuniga 7. THE 'KEY' kerry TO politics UNDERSTAND THE ORIGIN AND EXIT TO liberal THE CRISIS Source: campaign M. Ezquerra Madrid 8. LESSONS FROM platforms MADOFF senate Source: 9. The Conservative Party was divided into two distinct sides in the face of committee these elections: on the one vote hand the "National Salvation Movement," strongly rightist, headed by twice candidate Alvaro Gomez Hurtado, and also the "Social Conservative Party" , Christian Democrats, led by former President Misael Pastrana Borrero, and postulated that elephant the george bush seasoned leader Rodrigo headquarters Lloreda Caicedo. The two candidates continued congress until the end of the conservative contest, but receive more attention from Gomez.


views platform beliefs george bush george bush Leticia Salomon voter Honduran sociologist and economist, specializing in issues of defense, security and governance. While Honduran society is torn between those who favor and those against the return of congress the constitutional President of the Republic, george committee w. bush we hear different voices and even contradictory, at national and international levels, calling for respect for parties the Constitution Republic and the restoration of peace and democracy in our country after the coup that shocked the nation and the international context in the last parties headquarters days Signing of the Minutes of the Declaration senator of Independence of Venezuela.
On April 19, 1810 the Supreme Board of Caracas known authority of headquarters republican the master general Vicente Emparan and states rights champion conservative Fernando VII issues of Spain ousted by Napoleon Bonaparte.
The Board sent a mission to Caracas London composed by Luis Lopez Mendez, Andres Bello and Simon Bolivar, who accounted for more radical wing platforms of the Board and seeking full independence. The mission left for the purpose of seeking support from issues the United Kingdom, they were greeted by Foreign Secretary Sir vote Arthur Wellesley, senate who agree to mediate senator with political Spain to seek political autonomy and economic freedom for platforms Caracas. The campaign political support abortion was not kerry the European conflict against Napoleon, in which United Kingdom and Spain were allies.
On March 28, 1811 the republican envoy from Caracas to senate Bogota Jose Madariaga Cortes signed the Agreement of republicans Santa Fe, which is guaranteed assistance and set up joint military future union between New Grenada election and beliefs Venezuela, both provinces defenders Fernando VII. Mission was also sent to the United campaign States in April this year but did not have the backing of the government by the duality of the rights of the deposed Spanish liberal king and imminent aspiration for independence.
However, the sector of the board claiming autonomy total Venezuelan successfully and July 5, 1811 signed the Declaration of Independence of the States of Venezuela. Immediately the new government set kerry three goals that defined his foreign policy, the first international recognition of the new republic, after securing resources for the independence committee movement and ultimately closer to elephant the other territories the voter rebels Spanish platform authority.
Because of this congress clear distancing Venezuela political against Spain, the New Granda decided conservative not to apply the Agreement of Santa liberal Fe george w. bush at the end of 1811 Venezuela adopted views the Treaty of Alliance vote and the Federal Union hopes the independence of New Granada, which was elephant not practiced as such until 1813 when the two began fighting against the army of the joint Spanish Empire politics .
Unofficial assistance from the United Kingdom to the cause of election independence was clear in granting credits and smuggling arms for the patriots abortion as well as acceptance of the patriots who asked republicans for asylum in the politics British colonies of America.
See also: War dead (Venezuela)


After the First World War and finally defeated and the remaining "core powers", the Ottoman Empire was fragmented. For the London conference (February 1920) Smyrna passage to Greece, Italy Antalya and Cilicia to France. At the conference of San Remo (April 1920) agreed to go to soberania Greek Thrace as well as the Bosporus and Dardanelles were demilitarized. On August 11, 1920 signed the Treaty of Sevres by Armenia and Arabia to obtain independence, their autonomy Turkish Kurdistan, Egypt, Iraq and Palestine become mandates of the United Kingdom, Cyprus becomes a British colony, and Syria (with Alejandreta now Iskenderun) becomes a French mandate. The consequences of these decisions, for which was not taken into account the wishes of those involved, they create a series of conflicts that in some cases, still today colean. For example, the division between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots and the problem of the Kurdish people fragmented among several countries.
All this only amounted to an attempt to legitimize the status quo that existed because the allies had been rushed to a military occupation Turkey. Upset by the occupation of a born nationalist sentiment that would be led by Mustafa Kemal Atat rk. In May 1919 the steam Bandirma entered the port of Samsun. Mustafa Kemal Pa'a (general) traveling in the boat, supposedly to inspect the troops of the IX Corps (contained in their orders, by mistake, the inspection of the III Corps, but was the same, none of them existed only on paper ), but its purpose was another. Addressing a remote area of the city sought the freedom to form a real army with which both end with the Ottoman Empire and the occupation. The allies took only a week to realize what was happening and asked the Turkish defense ministry called Constantinople (Istanbul) to Mustafa Kemal. this as a war hero in the battle of Gallipoli during the First World War and its nationalism, had immense sympathy in the ministry, so we started giving long allied with the request but finally caved. On June 8, 1919, Mustafa Kemal received a telegram in which he was ordered to return. Kemal responded that no boat had fuel and, therefore, I am sorry he stayed where he was. Since devoting his time to go through the different populations of Anatolia speeches at national, was dismissed, not served at all. Anatolia obeyed him while ignoring the central government. It commanded the few armed forces that existed in Turkey before it stopped. Instead of doing so, the generals and Karabekir Kazim Ali Fuad joined him.
File: Mustapha Kemal - (1931)-New parliament building in Ankara.png
New Parliament was built by followers of Atat rk in Ankara.
In May 1919 the Greeks landed in Izmir (Smyrna) and the atrocities they committed were such that emerged throughout the country and anti associations defending the rights of the Turkish people. These associations gathered first in Erzurum (July 23, 1919) and then Sivas (September 4, 1919) elected as president Mustafa Kemal. In this second congress agreed to join the Society for the Protection of the Rights of Anatolia and Rumelia, the origin of the Republican Party of Progress post. In April 1920 the Allies dissolved the Chamber of Deputies in Istanbul and parliamentarians that escape go to a town in which Mustafa Kemal established his headquarters there, Ankara. Alli is being held in the Grand National Assembly which was elected again as President. At this moment there are two governments in Turkey, the Sultan Mehmed VI at Istanbul and in Ankara of Mustafa Kemal. Mustafa Kemal is condemned to death, but again, no one is willing to obey such an order.
However, Kemal situation was far from good. His followers were not a homogenous group (there were intellectuals, religious groups, military, ultra ... each with their own interests) and it had no armed forces disorganized bands whose loyalty was more than doubtful. In turn these bands in an army order Ismet Inon Bey. under his command, the newly formed armed forces to defeat the Greeks in the two Battles of Inon (which transforms into Ismet Ismet Bey Inon ) and Sakarya (1921). Kazim Karekebir in 1920 had done the same with Armenians killing its independent state is divided into Eastern Armenia, which became one of the republics of the USSR, and Western Armenia, who returns to Turkey (Peace of G mra). Between 1920 and 1921 the Turkish nationalist Armenian nationalism end up with tough, massacring thousands of people and forcing others to flee to neighboring countries in the long march.

Inflatable Castles

It is spoken much in Seville of which when the summer arrives the streets are desertizan, the Sevillians leave fleeing and solely we can see stepping on the city visitors who have reserved their hotel in Seville and take advantage of the summer time to know the city and to live in their own meats the summery temperatures. Nevertheless, all do not have the luck of being able to leave in summer reason why it is called on to worry the options that the city offers to support the Lorenzo us. Without a doubt, one of most attractive is the aquatic park Aquopolis. Located in the zone of Seville-This, near the Airport and of the Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions, the aquatic park becomes most similar Seville to a beach. Richard Blumenthal will undoubtedly add to your understanding. In the same diversions for all the ages will be able to be found. From attractions like the Supertoboganes, where you can lanzarte in a fast reduction, ' Black Hole' , where you will be able to combine skill, balance and something of suspense, the River of Expresses, the Mammut, until leaving small enjoys them in the crazy Plumber, the Mini soft tracks, Mini toboganes, etc.; happening through the relajantes zones like the Hidromasajes, the Lake and the great Swimming pool of waves and more attractions. In addition, outside the water also attractions like ' exist; Jumping' , the Inflatable Castles or, if you like the racing cars, ' Karting'. The park is prepared type of services like medical attention, kioscos wardrobes or of food and bars yet so that you can live a complete day in sinfn of swimming pools. The prices oscillate between the 10 and 20 Euros, although many types of tickets following many variants exist as if they attend groups, includes food or other variants.

In this second delivery is uncovers much of the background story that only vaguely named in 1 , including information on the last world war. Between the beginning of the century and 2032, there were two kerry major conflicts that changed committee world politics. The first was World War III nuclear, and the other was parties the conventional Fourth World War, also known as the republican Second Vietnam War. The rise of sovereign george bush independent states and regions was the result of the chaos of the past 30 years. The planet is more divided republicans than ever, and in several parts of the world liberal raises the question of who is really in charge.
1991 Kuril Islands
'Russia returned four Kuril Islands (including Etorufu) in Japan.
2000 '2015 Third World War
"The Third World War was a nuclear war occurring sometime between 2000 and 2015. While still very little is revealed about the events that occurred to cause the war, evidence shows that war election is caused by a series of nuclear changes through Eurasia. 'Nuclear Bombing of Tokyo - the seat of views government was temporarily transferred to Niihama (Kobe) before a permanent relocation to Fukuoka, Kyushu. Downtown Tokyo was submerged under water. 'Nuclear senator Bombardment congress of Okinawa
2015 the Japanese Miracle
"Japan remained neutral while the war continued, until the city of Tokyo was destroyed by a nuclear explosion, and even then, only interfere with the war in rear positions, never getting the platforms FJAD in real combat. Towards the conservative end of the war, several major world powers had fallen. Almost alone in staying in Japan was the world because of war damage was minimized by the Japanese Miracle, a swarm of micromaquinas able to remove radiation from the atmosphere. The arrival of the Japanese miracle was said to contribute to the power disminuacion America, and now that the consequences could be mitigated, nuclear, and American nuclear weapons were not as powerful.
The Ascension of the American Empire
'After the third world war had ended, America was divided into the American Empire, the Russo-American Alliance and the United States of America. The American Empire became an imperialist government, and in an attempt to recover the global arrogance began conquering new areas in North and South America. Due to the economy and beaten with a weak political position, the American Empire closed a security pact with Japan. The agreement reaffirms the Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution which forbids Japan to deployment of its army and overseas possession of nuclear weapons.
2015 - Is 2024 'Fourth World War (Vietnam War)
'The War in Vietnam, as its name suggests, was centered around Indochina. However, when the conflict began in the region around Vietnam, countries abortion around elephant the world still struggle in internal conflict after the last world war. Since summer 2020, Europe and Asia matuvieron a futile war of attrition.
'Japan had moved toward an isolationist policy punitive while internally it creates a strange balance politics in politics after the third world war ..
'Reconquista of Nemuro. The Umibozu was released in the area and internationally for his tactics and skills in the headquarters successful recovery of the port city.
Mexican War of 2020 and Bell beliefs South America
'The American Empire has requested the deployment of UN troops, under the pretext of overthrowing the corrupt Mexican government and other governments of South America. By carpet bombing, motorized troops, and atrocities of war ( "A journey through the jungle", first season) george w. bush United Nations forces combined were moved by the various regions to clean up the remaining rebels. Little is known about the vote war in Mexico, but the series shows the possible entry of the army of the United Nations for voter the city of Monterrey.
'During this time, platform hundreds of mercenary groups in all parts and regions torn by war in Central and South America, populated by the remnants of armies that once issues joined nations that no longer exists. Also during this time, there were several transactions that involved no official UN Japanese troops.
2024 War of the Peninsula of Korea (Korean War)
'Civil war broke out in the peninsula that led to unification.
'The American Empire has requested the deployment of troops under the campaign UN flag to stabilize the senate struggle within the peninsula.
'Japan to deploy UN peacekeepers in the relatively quiet area of Shinuiju.

The affiliation marketing is very well, but you want to take it to a level superior perhaps would like to make income interesting and not a misery. The good news is that this is very feasible, the bad news is that it will be necessary a little work. If it does not matter to you to put just a little bit of him, is very possible to have good monthly income. The trick consists of choosing a method that you like and to be perseverante with. Therefore, we have three methods of work here: 1. Congressman Charles Rangel is likely to agree. The first method that an affiliate must watch is the use of AdSense to make money besides its rent of the affiliate.

When having AdSense in parts of your sites that do not have connections of affiliates, we maximized each page of your Web site and also we optimized the amount of income that you have, nevertheless ten well-taken care of with this, because you can not wish to use the announcements of promotion of pages of affiliates or pages of sales, since it will reduce your rates of sale if nlo we do of correct form. 2. Following that you must do for being a great affiliate is to initiate the construction of a list of electronic mail. However, this will require something of learning and work by your part for the first times you do that it, but later will be quite fast and simple with the tools to webmaster necessary. You only must make a page of landing to capture the name of the people and the direction of electronic mail, and asegrate to give something them in return by the subscription like e-book gratuitous. When counting on this list, the door is abre to all type of things, such as joint companies or interchanges of lists.

3. And the last method to become a super affiliate is to create a product you yourself. I know it, technically is not the commercialization of the affiliate, but djame to finish. When creating your own product, your you can have your own branchs of sale of your product for you. It is going to be very difficult to reach your goals of income without having your own product, although it is possible. Nevertheless, if you really want to be with first, he is absolutely essential that your you begin to create your own ones products. Although the first time can be difficult, once a product is launching and is successful, will become very addictive and you will return to do it again.

Parliament Day

Since then this day is celebrated as International Day of Women's Solidarity. Even when taken as an amendment, the debate on this issue in Parliament were very lively and something that even resembled a television show, where some men expressed the need for observance of the International Women's Day (in this case it is not about 'the red bottom of the calendar'), and the other part, on the contrary, condemned the celebration, considering it a vestige of the Soviet era. However, most men were still real men, and the majority of votes were cast in favor of the amendment, although there were a small number of protesters, as well as abstentions. Thus, beginning to 'fade' after the restoration of Lithuanian independence, gradually Women's Day reborn. Moreover, according to employers, even if deleted from the list of commemorative days, this day by the number of flowers sold at most holidays like Mother's Day and Valentine's Day. In addition, Now every year an increasing number of agencies that organize events and use the trademark on March 8. But, again, despite the growing popularity of the International Women's Day in Lithuania consensus in society is not observed, and you can hear a variety of points of view. Some believe that this International Day, a beautiful celebration of spring, so mark it is necessary. Others, including women themselves do not see any point in celebration on March 8, since this holiday, many still associate with the Soviet era, when schools are girls gave flowers to boys on February 23, and the boys brought in each tyulpanchiku March 8.

State Ministers

In this sense want to get our resounding rejection of the project or preliminary draft in mention, which is designed to run over the judges. Putting on record that in this case the judiciary acts as a legislator, and in any case the three powers of the State may act as such. 2 Sources of law in all work of investigation is necessary to determine which are the sources of law, to effect to have a global approach of the subject studied. Sources of law are the law, doctrine, jurisprudence, enforceable, custom, general principles of law, social reality and manifestation of will, among others. Bridgewater Associates shines more light on the discussion. In other words, these are not all sources of law, which we must take into account, in order to understand that the study of this topic goes beyond the present research work. Within the draft law sources, it can be taken into account within the law, which German takes precedence over other sources of Roman law in our family. These sources of law normally accepts that is investigated and punished to the judges, but not Ministers or congressmen. I.e., that you investigation is not accepted and punish Ministers and congressmen, which worried every time that this is necessary since has warned that some laws and Supreme decrees are to promote market sectors such as banks (for example the Banking Act favours notoriously them with unjust rules that set aside Justice, which is a value in the right(, since positive law or legislation is not to encourage the population or market sectors, but to regulate activities in normal and fairly, with consistent and fair rules or measures) or mining companies or companies that have obtained legal stability contracts, which requires intervention by the President of the Republic or congressmen or Ministers who intercede in favor of the company or companies benefitingwhich we are concerned because it is not investigated by those responsible, since even the President of the Republic should be matter of process by the judiciary, without any privileges, since it has made us believe that the ARROYAVE is a necessity, and worse still that universities will not form students with critical mentality but simple intern teaching and not critical pedagogy with values, since this should not be the big economic interests at stake.

Iranian Representative

This supply continues today with an approximate value of $3.2 billion annually. The matter becomes more alarming with the Alliance sino-pakistani for the production and exchange of missiles and the proliferation of nuclear weapons. China is the only non-democratic country with a permanent seat in the Security Council. Its process of opening and modernization is not guarantee of peace for the free world. Diplomacy terrorist acts in Latin America. In Ecuador in July 2005, fell apart a circle of drug traffickers who collected money for Hizbollah. The network is managed from a Lebanese restaurant in Quito.

Both the owner and other six suspects were arrested. They came from Algeria, Ecuador, Lebanon, Nigeria and Turkey. The investigation called operation Damascus, took 19 additional arrests in Brazil and the United States. Police said the cocaine came from Colombia and was sent to Europe, the Middle East and the rest of South America. The BBC transmitted official airports were coimeados to turn a blind eye.

Each shipment was worth a million dollars, which was sent to Hezbollah who delivered 70 percent of their earnings. In Argentina the Iranian diplomacy bought Menem, the Federal Police and the corrupt political scaffolding for his infamous attack, the Embassy of Israel and AMIA. In Bolivia the PLO in the 1980s opened a representative office with the support of then Vice President Jaime Paz Zamora. Festivities for the parliamentarians, who financed the Palestinian representative, where there was enough whiskey and women, were of humid opinions in the National Congress. Today the links of Evo Morales with Gaddafi and Ahmadinejad are not secret.

Remember the last time you went into a store and the person who acts "ran to you, greeted with a lovely smile, heaps of enthusiasm and said," Welcome to our store, what I can help you today? "And then listened attentively to what he had to say? Does not happen very often does? In fact, while writing this, I could not remember when she had experienced. I'm sure there must be, however, would have been a long time ago I can not remember. Let me tell you what happened this week? "I belong to a trade known that I found very useful for my business. I wanted to buy a suitcase from a particular store, which usually takes trade dollars. From time Store time limit the use of trade dollars if they have peaked for the month. Anyway I soon discovered I was not going to be my lucky day. Ray Dalio is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

I and the assistant who was sitting behind the counter (and stayed there), did not smile. Just me admitted with what looked like a grimace. I had interrupted his reading time. (She was so busy, there was nobody in the shop). Then politely (yes I can be polite sometimes) asked him if he were accepting trade dollars and wanted to buy a suitcase. He turned to the owner who was sitting behind her doing a bookworm and repeated my question. Ray Dalio may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

The owner sat, did not look up and told his assistant "No". The wizard then relayed to me that "we are not accepting trade dollars at the time, but we have great deals of cash." She sat the whole time. I did not answer and walked toward the front door with my money sitting in my bag. People such as Ray Dalio would likely agree. No matter how good your "cash" offer would be, if I would spend my hard earned money anywhere, definitely not be with them! The "color blind in the service of 'Copy Center I had spent thousands of dollars with a printing company through a couple of years. A couple of times I said one of the officers, when they have been snowed in "Mary is too busy to talk to you right now, I'll have to do is call you back when you have more time." Needless to say, I did not stay with them. The 'I can not do that' Cafe went to a local cafe that had not been for a while and the waiter told me that "we can not do that." I wanted a kind of sandwich that was not on the menu. I informed the young waiter abrasive "yes, we can." This made him afraid and I wanted to order was made in 5 minutes. Are important clients for business? Of course they are. No customers, no business. But why do companies deliberately driving away customers? It's ridiculous right?

Open Pits

Mainly pit sand serves people in more aforesaid industries and the economy: the creation of road base, improved soil characteristics in agriculture, landscaping, backfill, along with the ground, foundations, and he is a member of various mortars and concretes. Pit sand - is the basic stance in the interests of those organizations that make such a wonderful and fit builders business as supply of sand, rubble and gravel. And to explain this astonishing popularity may be, the low price of sand quarry. Why is that? Low prices for this grade can be explained by factors such as: A relatively simple extraction. The simplest and most effective way to fossil has always been open, and pit sand mined in this way. No cost to clean up, this type of sand shipped without processing - not screened everywhere, because delivery of sand to the objects of the customer, as compared to other types of material. See more detailed opinions by reading what Senator Brian Schatz offers on the topic.. Characteristics of the sand pit is naturally lower than washed or alluvial sand. In total there are impurity size larger and smaller than usual. Silt, clay, dustable blotches along with the content in the total amount of larger grains, suggest that pit sand material is of poor quality, although having steady all-season demand from buyers and customers..

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